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Pricing for Residential Photography


Pricing is based on the square footage of the property and generally ranges from $100 - $175. Please contact me for details. 

NOTE: Travel Fee of $25 for properties greater than 25 miles from 62220 in Belleville, IL. Additional charges may be included for special features such as acreage, large outbuildings, etc. Reshoots due to updates to the property will be priced based on the scope of work needed. Pricing subject to change without notice.                                              


Addition Information:

- Client will receive one set of images optimized for MLS/web use

- Processed images are typically delivered in 24-48 hours or less

- Number of photos delivered depends on the features of the property and typically ranges from 20-50 finished photos

- High-resolution images optimized for print (available upon request)

- On site shooting time of 1-2 hours, unless otherwise specified (additional time is spent processing the images)

- Images are produced using professional DSLR camera, wide angle lens, flashes and tripod

- All images are processed using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to render optimal image quality

- Payment requested before delivery of processed images

- Client will receive an invoice for documentation

- Please assure the property is staged and ready to be photographed prior to the session, see my Pre-Photography Checklist for more information.



Pricing for Commercial Photography

Pricing and number of images varies based on individual clients needs

For Interior Designers, Hotels, Restaurants, Condominiums, Architects, etc.

Contract required